Libya MPs shot and wounded as congress stormed- BBC

Poor Libya


Libyan protester in central Tripoli. 2 March 2014 Protesters accused a GNC-backed rebel group of attacking its camp outside parliament

Two members of Libya’s parliament were shot and wounded when protesters stormed the General National Congress (GNC) in the capital, Tripoli.

Witnesses said the two were hit as they tried to drive away from the scene. The protesters, who rampaged through the building, were demanding that the GNC be dissolved and a date set for early elections.

There have been demonstrations across the country since congress extended its mandate until later in the year.

Those who entered parliament on Sunday said they were also angry about the “kidnapping” overnight of demonstrators from a sit-in outside congress.

They said those responsible belonged to a former rebel group that operates under the GNC’s command.

The protesters – mostly young people armed with knives and sticks – stormed the building chanting “resign, resign”, AFP reported, citing a member of the GNC.

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